I am a photographer. It is what I do, what I think about, how I make my living. At 10 years old, my mother pushed me kicking and screaming into a summer film animation class. As usual, she was right and I have been looking through a lens ever since.


My studies continued in documentary film until one day I took a trip across the country with a still camera, I found a home in editorial photography. I learned my craft through work, my teachers, and especially as an active contributor to United Press international, the Boston Globe, and The Valley advocate. I have been published in hundreds of newspapers around the globe including: the New York times, Boston Globe, The daily Express, The BBC, The london Independent , USA Today, The washington Post, Boston Phoenix, National Geo Traveler,  Endless Vacation, The Boston Herald, Popular Science, Preview Magazine, etc...


As photography has changed I grew and change with it. My work today includes PR , magazines and marketing agencies. I come to every shoot with a strong sense of composition, storytelling, and the ability to handle all location and studio lighting. I am outfitted with the latest digital capture systems.


I am  currently staff photographer for The Valley Advocate, Preview Mass, and  Gonomad.com. Through Gonomad I travel the world on a regular basis . It has been an honor to see so much of it. I am available for freelance assignments anywhere.



All Images on this site were produced on assigment, they represent a small portion of my work. I have been on deadline for 40 years, never missed one yet. I worship photo editiors and art directors.


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